Here you will find all the information regarding our different tools and how they work.

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[Semrush] Search by Company (BETA)
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How does Search work? Tutorial + FAQ
How does Technologies work? FAQ
How does Send Emails work? Tutorial + FAQ
How does Prospector work? Tutorial + FAQ
How to use those leads without being in the spam folder?
Can I know which e-mails have been opened?
Do I need to configure SPF and DKIM records to use the tool?
How do I make sure I don't send emails to the same people twice?
Which servers do you use to send e-mails?
Can I create a Blacklist?
Do you have email templates?
Can I get open rates and statistics?
Can I use my own domain to send campaigns?
Can I send multiple automatic follow-up emails?
Can I set variables in a campaign?
From how many e-mail accounts can I send e-mails?
How many emails can I send per day?
Would email contacts generated by our software be considered spam?
Does the Send Emails tool work with Outlook or Yahoo?
Do campaigns consume credits?
SMTP connection
Can I combine filters in Prospector?
In Prospector do I have to filter in English or in the local language?
Are Prospector's emails verified?
Do you have a list of Industries?
How many credits are deducted when using the Prospector tool?
Is it possible to run Facebook or Google Ads with Prospector emails?
What is the result of Prospector?
How much can I filter in Prospector?
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