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How to connect your email account to Findthatlead?
How to connect your email account to Findthatlead?
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At Findthatlead 2.0 we have improved the way you can connect your email account so you can send your email campaigns.

Depending on the mail server you have, you will need more or less steps to complete the configuration.

These are the email providers that you can connect, although as you can see we can make a customized connection if it is not one of these that you see in the following image.


Just click on the image and select your account to configure everything.


As with Google, by simply logging in and clicking on allow, our account will be set up.

For all other suppliers, simply fill in the following fields with the data for each one:

To have a complete configuration on your mail server we recommend the following tutorial to send by SMTP.

You can find the article here.

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