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How can I integrate ChatGPT into
How can I integrate ChatGPT into

Get your API-Key and send ultra-customized comments automatically.

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In order to use ChatGPT integration with you need to enter the API-Key in the tool.

Create a new API Key

The first step is to create your API-Key in OpenAI, to do this you must click this link, log in or register a new account, and create a secret Key.

A new window will pop up with our unique API key generated, it is important not to close it until we have completed the process. Once the window is open, we must click on the green button, this action will copy our unique API key.

Integrating the API key in

Now, with our API key copied, we go back to the dashboard. Within "Actions", we will go to "Posts". In this section a box will appear indicating that we must enter our copied API key there.

The only thing we have to do is to paste the Api-Key in this box and save changes.

If you decide not to enter any API Key, you can set up to 10 predefined messages that will alternate in the auto-comment.

Setting the goal

The AI works based on prompts, which are the "Order" that we give to the artificial intelligence to do what we want it to do, our Prompt is preset by us internally. allows you to set a goal or objective that we want to achieve with our comments, if you can't think of one, you can try a generic one like:

"Make a brief and creative LinkedIn comment about the publication".

Now, once you have the auto-comment option activated, we will use the AI to make a personalized and relevant comment related to the content of the publication to auto-comment.

You can also configure a message to be sent automatically in case the ChatGPT service is unavailable.

Starting up the tool

The operation is quite simple, to get the tool up and running, your dashboard must look like this picture:

Now we have to go to the LinkedIn search tool, type the Keyword we want to target, hit enter and click on "Publications".

In this section we can use LinkedIn's filtering system to reach the publications we want.

At this point, we open the extension and "Comment Posts" should appear, if so, click on "Play" and it will start to auto-like and auto-comment automatically.

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