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All records CSV file does not display correctly
All records CSV file does not display correctly

Can't read the file you just downloaded? Don't worry!

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There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. If you use Excel to view your CSV file:

By default, Excel processes txt / csv files with Windows Charset (ANSI).

This is how it works when you open the file by double clicking on it. Excel takes over and applies the default charset.

To choose the correct charset, open a new blank sheet and choose charset 65001: Unicode (UTF-8).

The import should be successful and you will see the data divided into columns.

2. If you use Google Sheets to view your CSV file:

  1. Select the first column, where all the data is stored.

  2. Search for Data and click Split text to columns.

  3. Select the comma or semicolon to split the data and you're done!

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