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Can I visit a list of LinkedIn profiles?
Can I visit a list of LinkedIn profiles?
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Yes you can! Here's how it works:

First up, let's open up the Dashboard. To do so, click on the extension:

How to acces the Dashboard

The Dashboard is's control panel where you'll be able to configure everything you need, but in this case let's focus on Upload CSV:

Upload CSV

This feature allows you to upload a list of LinkedIn Profiles that you want to visit. For this feature to work, you need a CSV file formatted with a column, header and the URLs of the profiles in each row. Here's an example:

.CSV example

Once uploaded go back to LinkedIn, open the extension and choose CSV profiles. Then, click on play, and will do its magic!

Once the process is done, you will find all the information you've gathered in All records. Read the article here.

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