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How to use (Quick tutorial)
How to use (Quick tutorial)
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Introduction course to

Where can I use it? works both on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, specifically in the search page. The search page is where you describe your target, for example: CEO's in Miami.

LinkedIn limits their search results to 1.000 (aproximately), that's why we recommend to narrow down your search query to 1000 or less and work changing this query when finished.

How to start growing your network quickly

  1. Go to LinkedIn's search page and select People

  2. Specify your target in the search box (Example: Digital Marketing United Kingdom)

  3. Customize the filters however you want and remember to select 2nd degree connections.

  4. Click on the extension on the top right corner of your browser to open

  5. Click on Visit Profiles, and then hit play.

That's all! will visit every profile listed on your search and will invite them to connect with your profile. Since this process is automatic, you can leave the window open and focus on more important things. We'll do the work for you 😉!

Where can I check the data of the profiles I've visited?

First, go to your Dashboard by clicking on

Then, go to All records. You will be able to filter and download all the data in a .CSV file by clicking on** Export**.

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