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[New] Search by Technology
[New] Search by Technology
Get a list of domains by searching for the technology used by them.
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Search by Technology allows you to extract a list of all the companies that use a given technology.

Find all companies using a specific technology

Once in the tool, enter the name of the technology and start the search.

FindThatLead also allows us to filter by country and sector of the companies we are looking for with the same technology.

FindThatLead will provide you with a list of all domains that use the chosen technology and according to the filters chosen above.

In the same search, FindThatLead also displays information from the companies themselves that appear in the search:

  • Logo

  • Company's phone number

  • Social Media

  • Location

The tool gives us the option to download the CSV list with all the companies and/or download the emails and contacts associated to each company respectively.

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