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[New] Search by Company
[New] Search by Company

Find all emails within a domain/company

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Search by Company allows you to extract the contact information of a company's employees by entering the company name or domain name.

Find the contact of a company's employees

Once in the tool, simply paste the URL of the target website or type the name of the company and start the search.

After a few seconds, FindThatLead will provide you with a list of all contacts associated with the domain/company it has found.

Each contact has the following info attached:

  • Email

  • Name and Surname

  • Job role

  • Phone number

  • Twitter URL

  • Instagram URL

  • LinkedIn URL

In the same search, FindThatLead also displays information about the company itself:

  • Logo

  • Company's phone number

  • Social Media

  • Location

  • Related Domain

  • Technologies

  • Backlinks (BETA)

Email verification and confidence scoring

The emails obtained through Search by Company will have a built-in verification process, in which 3 different scores can be obtained:

  • Emails that appear with a green symbol are successfully verified emails with a 99% confidence score or higher.

  • The emails that appear with a yellow symbol are emails that may or may not be correct, we do not recommend sending campaigns to these contacts but they can be used to create audiences.

  • Emails appearing with a gray symbol will be incorrect or not found.

By hovering the mouse pointer over each symbol you can see the email verification confidence score.

Data Source

All the information we provide is from a public source, we search for it and compile it so that it is easily available to you.

Data is collected automatically with our algorithm from key contacts, trade shows and social networks. Only you will see the indexed public data.

All emails are generated with our own algorithm based on patterns, or found on public sites across the web.

By clicking on the "Sources" button you will be able to check the sources.

Find emails with Search by Company in bulk

You can also upload and process a whole list of leads, domains and companies in CSV to find your contact without going through "Uploads".

In this article you'll find you to process your CSV correctly, read it here.

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