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How does Prospector work? Tutorial + FAQ
How does Prospector work? Tutorial + FAQ
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First time using Prospector? Check this quick tutorial below:

Prospector FAQ

Do Prospector emails come verified?

When using Prospector, we verify every possible email associated with the lead generated.

If the email retrieved by the system is labeled ‘Correct’, the email is deliverable (our algorithm may produce a false positive rarely, in 1-2% of cases); But instead of reaching out to a broad audience which isn’t verified at all, building an email list with Prospector is one step closer to success.

PS. Have you read our blog on how data is the new oil? Stop buying ads - buy data instead! Read the article by our Chief Growth Officer here.

How much can I narrow my filter?

We know how important defining your ideal customer is. That’s why in Prospector, we give you the ability to narrow down the leads while building an email list for cold outreach campaigns.

To help you get one step closer to your customer, you can select up to 6 filters to narrow down your search: Location, Job Title, Industry, Company Size, Company name and Keywords.

There are no restrictions on how narrow your search can be. However, we suggest broadening your filtering, especially when filtering by location so that you have access to a larger lead list.

This is especially important if your company has a product or service that can serve a global market. The idea is to hit the sweet spot - don’t go too narrow, don’t target too wide.

However if you have some troubles finding leads matching your criteria you can try getting leads from LinkedIn easily. Read all about it here!

How can I get more results?

Check this super quick tutorial below:

Follow these steps:

Create a account and then jump to your LinkedIn Search.

Perform your search into LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator ( yes, it also works on Sales Navigator).

Click on, select Visit profiles, and then click play. will automatically start visiting all these profiles and saving the information that will be used later on FindThatLead to check and verify the emails you get.

Now, we will download the information we have gathered. Open the Dashboard, go to All records and click on Export. You will get a .CSV file.

Go back to FindThatLead and open the Search tool. Click on New Bulk Upload and choose Lead Search. Drag and drop the file you exported and FindThatLead will detect the file correctly and match the rows.

Click on Start searching and FindThatLead will do its magic generating and verifying the corporate correct emails.

Additional tip to get more results:

We suggest searching for leads using keywords from both languages (English and the local language) to get more results.

Localization is important when it comes to building an email list or planning your campaign. It’s significant to use keywords/ terms that are more likely to be used by your audience.

Is it possible to run Facebook or Google Ads with Prospector emails?

You can use Prospector's personal emails feature to get the public personal emails available online.

Just download the list and upload it to your referred ads platform.

We ONLY recommend using this emails to do targeted campaigns on Google and Facebook ads and NEVER send them a marketing email unless they are opted-in previously.

How does a processed list from Prospector look like?

Visit this shared spreadsheet where you can check all the fields available.

How many credits are deducted using Prospector?

Generating a lead list using FindThatLead’s Prospector is free to get started with.

But as you start building your email list, we charge 1 credit per search - even when it might not result in giving you an email address to add to your lead list.

Now, before you get upset, let us explain why.

To help you build a cold email list, we apply more than 14 verification processes before offering any result. This means there is a lot of hard work that we do in the backend before even suggesting you reach out to a said email address.

Most of our competitors simply give you a random email permutation without any verification. This hampers the effectiveness of your cold email performance.

Learn more about our credits system here.

Do you have a list of industries?

We do! Keep in mind that you can use any kind of industry or keyword you want on the Prospector, even if it does not appear on this list:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Medicine
Apparel & Fashion
Architecture & Planning
Arts and Crafts
Aviation & Aerospace
Broadcast Media
Building Materials
Business Supplies and Equipment
Capital Markets
Civic & Social Organization
Civil Engineering
Commercial Real Estate
Computer & Network Security
Computer Games
Computer Hardware
Computer Networking
Computer Software
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Defense & Space
Education Management
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Environmental Services
Events Services
Executive Office
Facilities Services
Financial Services
Fine Art
Food & Beverages
Food Production
Gambling & Casinos
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
Government Administration
Government Relations
Graphic Design
Health, Wellness and Fitness
Higher Education
Hospital & Health Care
Human Resources
Import and Export
Individual & Family Services
Industrial Automation
Information Services
Information Technology and Services
International Affairs
International Trade and Development
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Law Enforcement
Legal Services
Legislative Office
Logistics and Supply Chain
Luxury Goods & Jewelry
Management Consulting
Market Research
Marketing and Advertising
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Media Production
Medical Devices
Medical Practice
Mental Health Care
Mining & Metals
Motion Pictures and Film
Museums and Institutions
Non-Profit Organization Management
Oil & Energy
Online Media
Package/Freight Delivery
Packaging and Containers
Paper & Forest Products
Performing Arts
Political Organization
Primary/Secondary Education
Professional Training & Coaching
Program Development
Public Policy
Public Relations and Communications
Public Safety
Railroad Manufacture
Real Estate
Recreational Facilities and Services
Religious Institutions
Renewables & Environment
Security and Investigations
Sporting Goods
Staffing and Recruiting
Think Tanks
Translation and Localization
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Wine and Spirits
Writing and Editing

In case we haven’t covered an industry or would like to know if we can help you find leads in a specific industry, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

I can't find my solution here, who can I get in touch with?

Drop us an email at [email protected], and we'll get back to you in less than 24h.

You can also contact us through our live chat. We'll be happy to help you!

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